How do you post videos on Instagram from Safari?

Open Instagram in Safari. From the top menu, go to Develop > User Agent > Safari > iOS 11.3 iPhone (or current version of iOS). Your Instagram will now show up exactly as it looks on your iPhone, and you can click the upload icon to post photos as usual.

Can you post to Instagram from Safari?

There are apps for iOS and Android, but there isn’t even a tablet version of the app. You can, of course, view Instagram from the desktop or on a tablet, in any browser (check out my photos on Instagram), but you can’t post or manage your photos.

How do you post videos on Instagram from iPhone Safari?

Open Safari and go to your Advanced Settings via the ‘Preferences’ option. Ensure that ‘Show Develop Menu’ is toggled on in the Menu Bar. Go to the Instagram website, log in to your Instagram account and select from the Menu Bar the Develop option.

Can you upload videos to Instagram from browser?

In other words — Yes, you can post to Instagram from your PC or Mac desktop instead of on your mobile device’s app or browser.

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Why can’t I post on Instagram?

One common reason for people suddenly not being able to upload photos on Instagram is something might have gone wrong with the Instagram app’s cache memory. If Instagram won’t let you post a picture, you can try updating Instagram, clearing the app cache, or taking a screenshot of the picture to re-upload.

How do I upload to Instagram from my Mac?

How to post to Instagram on Mac and PC

  1. Click the new + icon in the top right corner to get started (next to the Messenger icon)
  2. Follow the prompts to upload your photos or videos (drag and drop or “Select From Computer”)
  3. Choose your size/format.
  4. Pick your filter and/or edit (tab at the top)

How can you post videos on Instagram?

Post an in-feed video on Instagram

  1. Open Instagram. Open Instagram and click the + sign at the top right of your newsfeed screen. …
  2. Switch to “Videos” This will open up your phone’s media library. …
  3. Choose a video. Here, choose a video that you want to post on Instagram. …
  4. Apply filters. …
  5. Write a great caption.

How do you post a story on Instagram?

To share photos and videos as a story on Instagram:

  1. Launch Instagram and swipe right to access the camera or tap the Plus sign (+) icon and scroll to Story.
  2. Tap the circle to snap a photo, or tap and hold to record a video. …
  3. Use the tools at the top to add doodles, text, filters, or stickers.

How do I upload a video on Safari?

How to upload YouTube video from iPhone or iPad using Safari

  1. Go to on Safari and sign in.
  2. Tap the account icon at the top right.
  3. Click the upload icon. …
  4. Tap Select Files.
  5. Choose your video from Photo Library or Take Photo or Video and tap Add.
  6. Add Title and description.
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Can you post videos on Instagram from MAC?

To upload to Instagram from Mac, you’ll need an app like Grids or Uplet. Both allow you to post photos and videos directly to Instagram while preserving the original quality of your content. Grids can also post Stories and has more pleasant UI.

How do you post videos on Instagram website?

To use the feature, launch the Instagram app on your PC and click the camera button at the top left of the interface. You’ll then be able to take a selfie, Boomerang loop or hands-free video clip, and even add stickers, text and hand-drawn squiggles before you choose which of your contacts to send it to.

Why can’t I post a video on Instagram?

You can’t upload a video to Instagram stories either because your video’s size is too large, it has been edited somewhere else (other than your mobile device), or your internet speed is too slow. If your video’s size is over 1 MB, then it might be too large for it to be able to upload to Instagram stories.

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